Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4th Grade Websites - True or False

-Teachers & Parents: (Handout) (Another Handout)
Do all websites tell the truth? Is every statement you read online a real fact? How can you tell if a website might be biased or contain inaccurate information?

Visit the websites below. Mark on your paper if you think each website is "true or "false". Remember to add at least one reason to support your claim.

Website #1: Dog Island
Website #2: Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Website #3: Dihydrogen Monoxide
Website #4: Mankato, MN
Website #5: California’s Velcro Crop
Website #6: Burmese Mountain Dog

This video walks evaluates the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus:

3_5.RI.2 Research and Information Fluency
3_5.RI.3 Research and Information Fluency


Ryan Horne said...

I'm commenting as Terry. Hope you don't mind Terry!

Excellent! I'm going to give it a try next week.....

Did 4th grade work well with it, or in retrospect would you have done this lesson with 5th grade? Currently, I'm leaning toward 4th grade

I'm thinking of making 2 lessons:
1) Have students build the table you have in word in Excel from scratch for the "use digital tools to find, organize, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information"
2) do the lesson you just described..

Thanks for the lesson details!

Terry Thelen said...

The link below worked well as an intro video too.

I also used this short video to wrap up the first lesson.

Ryan Horne said...

Nice finds Terry!

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