Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Ever Hutchings Podcast

The first Hutchings Computer Lab Podcast is up for your enjoyment.

Podcast #1: Interview with 3rd grader Ben, creator of the Mr. Fathead comic book series.

Below is a free preview (first 2 pages) of Mr. Fathead. See 3rd grader Ben to purchase your own full copy!

More student podcast coming soon!


Chris Eldred said...

Dude, a podcast? Awesome!

Karen G the Curator said...

Very creative and very well done. I would like to buy a copy for my art library!

Ryan Horne said...

@Karen G, I will talk to the creator of Mr. Fathead, Ben, and have him send you a copy! Email me,, we'll get the correct addresses figured out. Thanks for your interest!

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