Monday, September 10, 2012

Internet Drivers License: Day 2

Take out one piece of paper and use your pencil to draw two straight lines, dividing the paper into 4 equal sections. Label the sections as follows: 1. Personal Information, 2. Computer Viruses, 3. Internet Manners, 4. Trusted Adults. Add 1-2 facts per area as you play through today's activities.

Now, visit the Cyber Pigs site and see how many Privacy Stars you can win. Make sure to fill out your paper with facts as you go along.

You may need to visit Disney's Surf Swell Island to add additional facts to your paper.

And now it's time for your Internet Safety Drivers License Test. Good luck!

3_5.DC.1 Digital Citizenship
3_5.DC.3 Digital Citizenship
3_5.DC.4 Digital Citizenship


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