Monday, November 12, 2012

5th Grade Compare and Contrast

Last week we took a look at the voyage of the Mayflower. This week, we will investigate the voyage of another ship with historical importance, the Titanic. 

Step One (Compare & Contrast Voyages): Work with your table partner to have each map (Mayflower & Titanic) open on two computer screens in front of you. Work together,  to fill out your first Venn Diagram, as you compare the voyages of each ship.

Step Two (Compare & Contrast Ships): Now open the Mayflower up on your screen and open the Titanic on your partner's screen. Fill out your second Venn Diagram, this time comparing the ships themselves.
-10 Cool Things About the Titanic

Extension (Part I): Take a close look at a modern day cruise ship below. Now, can you compare and contrast the Mayflower, the Titanic, and a modern day cruise ship with the Overlapping Concepts Map below? 

Extension (Part II): Explore the Titanic with a Titanic 3D Virtual Tour. Then view the Virtual Tour video of the Carnival Magic cruise ship. After taking a look at a ship from the past (Titanic), and a current ship (Carnival Magic), think about what you think a cruise ship of the future should look like. Click the Poll Everywhere link to submit your responses.
Titanic 3D Virtual Tour

Titanic Walkthrough Tour

3_5.RI.2 Research and Information Fluency


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