Sunday, November 22, 2015

3rd Grade Online Communication

In which ways can we communicate online? What technology tools are needed to communicate online. What rules should we follow when we communicate online? How do we respond to someone who's not following our rules while communicating online?

Step 1: Let's begin watching this video together before we get to our computers. Watch for Mr. Horne's questions when the video is paused?

Step 2: Now, listen and look for Mr. Horne's questions about the above video. Reply online using TodaysMeet.

Step 3: We will meet away from our computers again and discuss how our Today'sMeet chat is going so far. What's working? What isn't working What can we do better? What should we see more of?

3-5.CC.1 Communication and Collaboration
3-5.DC.1 Digital Citizenship


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