Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Was YOUR Summer?

It's that time again. Our summer is once again coming to a close. I wanted to publish this post to describe my favorite part of summer vacation in the hopes that you will join the discussion and comment on your summer vacation as well! One of my classroom themes this year is using technology for communication and collaboration. Let's have this blog post be the introduction to that theme. So read up on my summer, then add comments to describe your summer below! *Make sure to check out the links below. Some links open up Google maps. Use Google Street View to virtually explore my summer vacation.

I took my kids up north, to my favorite place in all of Michigan. In fact, it is my favorite place to visit in all of the United States, Leelanau County, Michigan. A long time family friend reminded me recently that you are always assured of two things when you visit Glen Arbor, "white sand beaches, and cool blue water". Couldn't agree more! I could never get tired of staring into the cool turquoise water of Lake Michigan.

Our first stop was some mini-golf at a place called The River, in downtown Glen Arbor. The River features an "eco-friendly" putt-putt course, with small signs at the beginning of every hole that describe some history of the surrounding area. Our family's favorite sign is the one that describes the Legend of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. The putt-putt course wraps around the back of the property where it collides with the Crystal River, my daughter's favorite place to take a kayak ride.

Next, we head to the Dune Climb at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Of course, the kids love to run down the dunes as fast as their little legs will take them (once, as a kid, I went head over heels down the dunes, my legs couldn't move fast enough. Spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom getting as much sand out of my hair, mouth, and ears as I could). My favorite part of the Dune Climb has to be the view from the top. You overlook both Little Glen and Big Glen Lake to the east, a spectacular scene.

After the Dune Climb is finished, who could resist ice cream at The Boonedocks? Not my kids. I've even been known to allow two ice cream cones a day, but only on the really hot afternoons (shhh ..... don't tell the dentist!). Why is it that the ice cream always tastes better on vacation?

We get in the car and head northwest for a trip to Fishtown in Leland, a 140 old fishing village that's home to shops, restaurants, shanties, and more. My kids like to walk around the shanties and check out the fishing boats as they prepare to head out to Lake Michigan. My favorite part of Fishtown. That's easy! It's the incredible sandwiches at found at the Village Cheese Shanty. Why oh why can't they round up some dry ice and overnight some pretzel bread goodness to Howell?

What about the beach you say? We travel to Empire and North Bar Lake. A lengtly walk from the car to the beach is well worth it. Find the small river of warm water from North Bar Lake that empties into Lake Michigan. The kids can splash in the warm river, or venture into the cool Lake Michigan waves to play. It was an overcast, drizzly day when we arrived at the beach, but our reward for braving the elements was that we had the entire beach to ourselves.

And, what trip to northern Michigan would be complete without a view of the sunset over Lake Michigan? Does it get any better than a beautiful sunset to cap off a day of fun? Well, maybe if we had one more Village Cheese Shanty sandwich.

Now it's your turn. Click below to add a comment. Post your favorite part of summer vacation. Let's follow our internet safety rules, leaving our first names only (no last names). I would love to have both parents and students add comments here!

Remember, your comments will not appear on the Computer Lab Blog until Mr. Horne approves them. I'll get to them as fast as I can, I promise. So, how was YOUR summer?