Monday, September 30, 2013

2nd Grade Online Math Competetion

Arcademic Skill Builders is a great site for our students to review and practice their math facts as well as to practice being good digital citizens. In these activities  the students will be competing online against other students. Points are given for correct answers.

PK_2.CC.1 Communication and Collaboration
PK_2.TC.7 Technology Operations and Concepts

1st Grade Fishing with Phonics & Math

Roll up your sleeves and grab your tackle box, we're going fishing! First up its Fishing with Phonics.

Next up, try to count the correct number of fish in Fishin' Mission.

Grab your fishing gear, we're headed to Thrill of the Catch at Discovery Lake to do some virtual fishing! Use this Handout to record your catches. Remember to be quiet, we don't want to scare the fish.

PK_2.TC.6 Technology Operations and Concepts
PK_2.TC.7 Technology Operations and Concepts

Math at

We will be logging into Mr. Horne's favorite math site today, You will have 5 minutes to update your sumdog avatar, then will we begin by practicing your math skills while playing against students from your class.

5th Grade Design Your Dream House

In this unit you are going to become an architect. Your job is to design your own dream house. Your will learn about area, floor plans, square feet, estimation, and more. You can find your guidelines and your rubric HERE.


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How do we calculate the area of a room?

3_5.CI.1 Creativity and Innovation

Monday, September 23, 2013

2nd Grade Computer Parts

Check out the picture below of four basic compute parts. Next, open up ABCya Paint and draw four computer parts. Be ready to tell the teacher the correct name of each part you created.


1st Grade PBS Kids Math

Some math practice today with the great activities at PBS Kids. Make sure to follow the directions because you will be switching activities every few minutes.


Warm up with Level 1, Stage 1, from Dance Mat Typing. Start Dance Mat Typing at Level 1, Stage 1. Then, try out Keyboard Ninja and Type Toss and the other two typing games below. **Make sure to select "Home Row" before you begin each game.  


Monday, September 16, 2013

2nd Grade Spelling Activities

Hope you have been practicing your spelling skills. these three games are going to test out your spelling accuracy! Use these two handouts for help (Dolch 1stDolch 2nd). 



PK_2.TC.6 Technology Operations and Concepts

1st Grade ABCya! Math

Today, we continue to work on math. Counting & addition today at!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Internet Drivers License: Day 2

First, take the internet license test. When you pass the test, then you can move onto the steps below.

Download this template to create your own Internet License. Use the site to create your own "avatar" for your Internet License.

Internet License Template

3_5.TC.1 Technology Operations & Concepts

Monday, September 9, 2013

2nd Grade Instrument Families

Did you know that instruments have families? Research the instruments in Leo and the Musical Families. Next, create your own musical scores with Class of 3000 Funk Box using the instrument families that Mr. Horne asks you to make. Can you make a song using only the instruments from the percussion family? Can you create a song with only string instruments  How about a song with brass and woodwind instruments?


Finally, discuss these questions with your table partner:
  1. Can using technology to create a song save time or money? If so, how?
  2. What are some limitations of creating a song with technology when compared to real musicians?
  3. What is the best way to create a new song? With technology? With real musicians? With a combination of both? Explain.

PK_2.CI.1 Creativity and Innovation

1st Grade Numbers & Counting

First stop, the Learningplanet's Counting Game.

Moving on to Okta's Rescue. Use your counting skills to save as many Okta's as you can before time runs out.

Now let's try out ICT's New Duck Shoot Game.

Wrap up the counting activities with several awesome counting games, starting with the Ladybug Game.

PK_2.TC.7 Technology Operations and Concepts

SRI Test

Round 3 of our SRI Reading Test begins this week. Good luck students! To see the Lexile scale of where you want your score to be, click here.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Grade Starfall Literacy

Go to and play All About Me. Do all four activities (Who Am I?, What is My Pet, Where Do I Sleep, & Which is My Toy)

Next, it's alphabet time at Starfall. Select the letters that spell your first name. If you have time, try selecting the letters that spell your last name.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kindergarten Mouse Practice

All about using the computer mouse today. We will practice clicking and dragging, cursor control, and single clicking. Check out the great activities at

Internet Drivers License: Day 1

Take the Socrative pre-test first. Good luck!

Next, watch this short video from Make sure you know what information to never give out while online.

Join Mickey and the rest of the Disney gang at Disney Surf Swell Island. Can you keep the Disney characters safe online and find all of the hidden jewels?

Now, head over to the Cyber Cafe. First take the You Have Mail challenge. Then test your netsmartz at the Brain Teaser quiz.

3_5.DC.1 Digital Citizenship
3_5.DC.3 Digital Citizenship
3_5.DC.4 Digital Citizenship

Sunday, September 1, 2013

2nd Grade Spell a Picture -

-Teachers & Parents: (Handout)
How many "Kerpoof Koins" can you rack up in the Spell a Picture activity?

PK_2.CT.2 Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

3rd Grade Internet Drivers License: Day #1

Visit Netsmartz Kids and watch the video "The Boy Who Loved IM". Learn what kind of information you should never give out online. Then watch the Faux Paw and the Dangerous Download video. Faux Paw makes some bad choices while online. Can you figure out the bad choices Faux Paw made?

Then visit the Cyber Pigs website and see how many points you can score in the cyber challenge game.

3_5.DC.4 Digital Citizenship