Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3rd Grade Completed "Paper Computers"

How cool are these? 3rd grade students worked in small groups of 3-4 to create their "paper computers". What better way to learn about the parts of a computer than to create the parts of a computer? These students also learned about working together, failing and starting over, and deadlines. All of these projects were completed in 45 minutes or less! 
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(See our earlier post for more detail on the assignment)

Monday, March 25, 2013

2nd Grade Math

We are going to spend a few minutes at each of the math games below from our friends at

Balloon Pop Subtraction     Math Facts Basketball

 Base Ten BINGO      Drop Sum

 Place Value Hockey     MATH MAN JR. – Subtraction

1st Grade Forces, Push and Pull

What do you know about forces? What can you tell us about push and pull? First, let's hypothesize about a soft push and a hard push, then we will hypothesize about a soft pull and a hard pull. Next, we will test our theories and then record our results.

Kindergarten and the Keyboard

We are going to become familiar with the keyboard. First, visit the Keyboard Zoo to locate all the letters on the keyboard using only one index finger. Next, go to Key Seeker to use both your left and right index fingers.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

3rd Grade Parts of a Computer

Your goal: Use technology and work with everyone in your group and create the basic parts of a computer (monitor, CPU, mouse or touchpad, & keyboard). Additional computer parts are optional.

Your tools for the task: Kerpoof's Super Doodle, KidPix, black and white printer, color printer, crayons, pencils, tape, glue sticks, & scissors.

Your grade: Grade your team on the four point scale when your project is done.    

4 Points - Project is completed and the project turned out good
3 Points - Project is completed and the project turned out ok
2 Points - Project not finished, but it was starting to look good
1 Point -   Project far from finished

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2nd Grade Computer Parts

Check out the picture below of four basic compute parts. Next, open up Super Doodle in Kerpoof and draw four computer parts. Be ready to tell the teacher the correct name of each part you created.

1st Grade PBS Kids Math

Some math practice today with the great activities at PBS Kids. Make sure to follow Mr. Horne's directions to find the correct math activities.

Monday, March 18, 2013

2nd Grade Computer Parts

Can you use the correct language when talking about technology? Can you name the parts of the computer using the correct terms?
Picture   Picture

1st Grade BBC Bitesize Literacy

We are going to visit the BBC Bitesize Literacy site today to learn about phonics, alphabetical order, spelling, rhyming, and more.

PK_2.RI.1 Research and Information Fluency

Kindergarten Matching Games

Join our friends at Disney Jr to play these great matching games.

More great Disney Junior games:

PK_2.TC.7 Technology Operations & Concepts