Sunday, November 29, 2015

3rd Grade Parts of a Computer

Your goal: Use technology and work with everyone in your group and create the basic parts of a computer (monitor, CPU, mouse or touchpad, & keyboard). Additional computer parts are optional.

Your tools for the task: ABCya Paint, black and white printer, color printer, crayons, pencils, tape, glue sticks, and scissors.

Your grade: Grade your team on the four point scale when your project is done.

Kindergarten Crayons vs Online Painitng

First we will use our crayons and color our paper copies of our pictures the best we can. Then we will visit the same coloring picture on ABCya Paint and use the online tools to virtually paint the same picture. Which picture do you like better? Which picture was faster? Which version was the most familiar? Which version was more fun for you? Any advantages to one version over the other?


Monday, November 23, 2015


We all should know how to use the back arrow to go to the previous page. Play each game for 4-5 minutes, then use the back arrow to come back here and select the next game. From

Dress Up Games     Counting Games
House Cleaning Games    Cargo Ship
Dump Truck     Hospital
Scribble & Dribble     Animal Games for Kids

PK_2.TC.7 Technology Operations and Concepts

Sunday, November 22, 2015

3rd Grade Online Communication

In which ways can we communicate online? What technology tools are needed to communicate online. What rules should we follow when we communicate online? How do we respond to someone who's not following our rules while communicating online?

Step 1: Let's begin watching this video together before we get to our computers. Watch for Mr. Horne's questions when the video is paused?

Step 2: Now, listen and look for Mr. Horne's questions about the above video. Reply online using TodaysMeet.

Step 3: We will meet away from our computers again and discuss how our Today'sMeet chat is going so far. What's working? What isn't working What can we do better? What should we see more of?

3-5.CC.1 Communication and Collaboration
3-5.DC.1 Digital Citizenship

1st Grade Counting, Number Lines, & Base 10 Blocks

Today, we will work on skip counting, number lines, and base 10 clocks.

Skip Counting     Connect the Dots Multiples of 2

Base Ten Fun     

Numerical Order     100 Number Chart

100 Number Grid     Guess the Number


2nd Grade Coding and Debugging

  1. 1.
    identify and remove errors from (computer hardware or software).
    "games are the worst to debug"

Problem Solving Games

Obviously, one thing that people use technology for is entertainment, to play games. Today we will play PROBLEM SOLVING games. These games will test your critical thinking and problem solving skills!

Friday, November 20, 2015

2nd Grade Learn to Code

Today, we learn to code! Let's focus on the coding mindset. Can you break the problem down into small chunks? Can you keep trying when times get tough? Can you ask others for help?


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Kindergarten Click and Drag Practice

We are going to continue to work on our mouse skills today, especially our click and dragging skills.

1st Grade Dinosaur Research

Today we will use to research two dinosaurs of your choice. Listen and re-read the audio book as many times as you need. Cut out your dinosaurs (or draw) and glue them onto your dinosaur fact worksheet. Then write down two facts for each. Play any activity at when done.



PK_2.RI.2 Research and Information Fluency - (use digital resources to locate and interpret information relating to a specific curricular topic, with assistance from teachers, school library media specialists, parents, or student partners)


Today you are going to work all alone to create your very own Storybird story! Choose one of the adventure stories below and get started on your Storybird.


PK_2.CC.1 Communication and Collaboration (work together when using digital tools to convey ideas or illustrate simple concepts relating to a specified project)

4th Grade Diversity Cover Pages

Today we will create a cover page for our Diversity Project. Cover will include your name, the name of your country, a flag of your country, and three images that represent you. Use your Google Account to create the cover page via Google Docs.

Friday, November 13, 2015

2nd Grade Math

We are going to spend a few minutes at each of the math games below from our friends at

Balloon Pop Subtraction     Math Facts Basketball

 Base Ten BINGO      Drop Sum

 Place Value Hockey     MATH MAN JR. – Subtraction

ABC & 123 Magnets

Kindergarten Turkey Time

Today, we practice our clicking, and clicking and dragging skills with some online turkey activities.